How to Play Punto Banco Baccarat

Punto Banco baccarat, as the name implies, is one of the variants of baccarat that evolved through the years. punto banco baccarat was first played in Cuba in the 1950s by the high-class and the wealthy of South American society. Presently, Punto Banco baccarat has spread into different parts of the world.

So how does one play Punto Banco baccarat? Punto Banco baccarat, said to be exclusively for the wealthy and well known, is one of the simplest games in casino. The Punto Banco baccarat player needs to first exchange his money for ‘cash chips’ either in the cash desk or to the croupier attending him. Always remember that you cannot play Punto Banco baccarat with your money as wagers. You first have to exchange them for chips.

It is good to remember that the objective of Punto Banco baccarat is to get a total card value of nine or at least get as close to nine as possible. In Punto Banco baccarat the cards has the following point values: the king, queen, jack and ten are valued at zero, the aces have one point value and the other cards are taken at their face value.

If in the event that Punto Banco baccarat players exceed the maximum of nine in the total point card value the first digit of the sum is discarded. For example, a thirteen counts only as three because we discard the tens.

Punto Banco baccarat players have different betting choices to choose from. These are punto, if you are betting for the player’s hand to win, banco, if you are betting for the bank’s hand to win and egalite, if you are betting for a tie. Note that punto and banco has a one to one payoff if you win. However, banco has a 5% commission that will be subtracted from you’re banco winnings. The egalite has an eight to one payoff with no subtractions.

If the Punto Banco baccarat player wishes to make a wager he simply places his bets in the designated betting area. Remember that each table has a minimum and maximum amount of bet that players can wager.

To begin Punto Banco baccarat the croupier says “Your bets please” and the players are allowed to place their wagers. Then the croupier says “No more bets” and the players are prohibited from placing any more wagers or even touching their bets.

The croupier then deals the first and third card, face up, to the punto, the second and fourth cards, face up, to the banco. This would give both punto and banco two cards. In Punto Banco baccarat a third card may be given out depending on the value of the initial two cards. These data are summarized in a ‘Punto Banco Tableau’ or ‘tirage.’

The payouts are then distributed by the croupier and the losing bets taken out. Players may place there new bets again for another round of Punto Banco baccarat if they wish to.

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