Online E-sports Betting

A Brief Of Online E-sports Betting

This article covers a brief on online e-sports betting, which is different from traditional sportsbetting, names of most played e-sports, and bets.    

Sportsbetting enthusiasts don’t even need real-life sports matches to happen these days. That’s because, aside from streaming of replication sports with random results, various e-sports matches and tournaments are organized, delivering a world full of wagering opportunities to bettors. E-sports mean video games where individuals and teams compete rather than computers.

Present in diversified genres, e-sports’ popularity has touched the sky since the last decade, with galore of tournaments happening across the globe. Therefore, the important question is, being a sports bettor, do you have a basic idea about esports?

E-sports and Traditional Sportsbetting: Are They Same?

From a newbie’s vision, betting on e-sports might appear separate from conventional betting on sports. But, if you spend some time in this domain, you will recognize that it doesn’t have that many discrepancies.

For placing a real money bet in an e-sports event, all you need to do is determine an appropriate betting market and consider the betting odds. Aren’t these measures are identical to placing stakes on real-life events of sports like football, horse racing, and basketball?

Alluringly, as an added benefit, wagering on e-sports will allow you to take pleasure in its communal interactivity, availability of stats and live streaming, presence of game-related notifications in social media, and more. Besides, as the majority of notable bookmaking service providers like ufabet has assorted a collection of various e-sports options, you will get to enjoy the optimal sportsbetting experience.

Different Types of Bets in E-sports 

  • Real Money Bets: The most uncomplicated form of betting is much like traditional sportsbetting – click on your favorite event, consider the odds, choose the betting type, and let your speculation come true.
  • Fantasy Betting: Fantasy betting is also commonplace in many traditional sports. Here, you wager on a team or individual and earn points based on their performance in matches, tournaments, attainment of specific objectives.
  • Betting on Yourself: If you are an e-sports player, you can place bets on yourself and gain winnings by touching different in-game accomplishments.
  • Pool Betting: All bets from a specific market are collected in pool betting, and the winning amount is distributed among the victors upon winning.
  • Skin Betting or Item Betting: In skin betting, certain in-game elements or graphic downloads are considered virtual currencies, and bets are placed with them. However, the majority of the sites facilitating skin betting are unlicensed.

Most Favored E-Sports Games for Bettors

The players’ and bettors’ base of e-sports have great admiration for first-person shooter games. Hence, you will witness the most reputable online sportsbetting sites to proffer wagering opportunities on games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (arguably the most adorned shooting game), Halo, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, and more.

Alongside, some real-life games have also made their positions in the e-sports world. Therefore, betting on titles like FIFA, NBA 2K, and Rocket Leagues are also commonplace. Furthermore, games like Arena of Valor and League of Legends are also famous among bettors.

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