Different Baccarat Variations

4 Different Baccarat Variations To Explore

Not only the gamblers but also casinos prefer Baccarat over any other game. It also comes with several variations that make it versatile. Here are the different variations of Baccarat you must explore.

What are the different variants of Baccarat you are familiar with? If you have not made yourself familiar with the different variations of one of the most popular types of casino games, keep reading ahead to explore more about them all!

  1. 2 to 1 Baccarat

The 2 to 1 Baccarat is nothing but regular Baccarat with several differences. First, you are not charged with the 5% commission on the bets you will be winning in the game.

The other change is that if having winning three-card totals, the player and banker stand a chance to pay off everything at 2:1.

Finally, all the ties happening in the game are considered losses and not as pushes.

  1. 7 Up Baccarat

This Asian variation of Baccarat is where the player starts with a value of 7. However, you might not be getting the first card in this variation as the card with seven numbers is kept on the table. Therefore, the player’s hand gets an additional card for the starting hand.

The bank hands remain the same with the usual two cards to deal. The drawing rules are according to the general standards of real money baccarat playing.

  1. Baccpo

Baccpo might sound unique to, and indeed it is! Baccpo is an Australian variant of the game that combines Baccarat and blackjack. You must be thinking it to be a hybrid of Baccarat and Poker, but it is not.

The player plays against the dealer in this game, like the regular or classic baccarat games. Both the player and dealer are given two cards- one that has a face-up and another that has faced down. The player can decide whether to stand or take another card.

A three of a kind consisting of nothing other than 3s will lead to an automatic win. Moreover, it is paid off at 3:1 than 3:2.

The 7-point hands of the players stand a chance to win and pay off at 1:2. Therefore, if a player is betting $100, they can win $50.

  1. EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat is quite popular and common among online and offline gamblers. In this game, the banker’s bet is twitched. The banker’s bet does not replace the 5% commission paid off at an even money system.

The EZ Baccarat comes with two types of bets:

Dragon 7

Dragon 7 bet is a type of EZ baccarat, where the banker wins when they get a total of 7 in three cards. It has a house edge of 7.61%.

The Panda 8

The Panda 8 is a type of bet where the player wins with an 8 in total three cards.

Final Thoughts

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